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The kind of articles on the blog has a very youthful feel to it, making it a target for young designers as well as students. David Airey is not about going small on things design. He has a string of design-related blogs and books to his name. Among his many blogs, he has his ones like DavidAirey. Given his experience in design, David Airey shares profound ideas and thoughts on matters design from Logo design to graphics design and everything in between.


He is also very upbeat on social media, making his insight and mind accessible to the public. Magazine offers insight on these topics from the most natural things you can understand to more technical aspects. It is also an excellent networking platform as it provides job boards where employees and employers can meet. The blog also has a category of events where you can publish events, such as conferences and workshops. These mentioned features make the blog educative, insightful, and interactive.

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This particular blog is sensational in that it offers a comprehensive range of designs in the form of images and design-related projects. The work on there is arranged as a grid. And what happens is that when you select an image or project, you get to see more of the work by that designer.

It is more like a gift that keeps on giving. If you are looking to discover fantastic design work, Inspiration Grid is your go-to blog. Jacob Cass is famous for all standards. He was among the very first bloggers to try out responsive web design on his blog after it was started. Jacob has also worked with Creative Carrot, which is a renowned design agency. What sets his blog apart is that he readily explains the technical design words using simple analogies. Which automatically makes his work understandable even to the average person.

Later on, it developed into a digital publication where writers could submit their articles on matters design.

Five Italian Food Blogs I Adore…

Most designers share pieces on photography, design, and UX. Creative Bloq has to be one of the design blogs that much encourage self-development of designers. This is because the blog is majorly geared towards helping one another as designers to get the most exceptional insight on software through reviews, design tips, feedback, freebies, tutorials, and other complimentary resources making it a very informative space for designers. This enables designers to have up-to-date knowledge and skills for upward progression in the field and industry.

Amber Lewis introduces us to the way she sees the world of design through her blog, Amber Interiors. She has a design studio in Los-Angeles from which she does her design work. The bulk of what Amber Interior Design Studios offer is on interior design, interior architecture, and furniture. Her blog is famous for before-and-after stories, on-the-ground trend scouting, artistic and designer spotlights, and not forgetting shopping for aesthetics such as unique rugs, cushions, etc.

Women of Graphic Design is a blog that majorly aims at celebrating the great women in the field of graphics design by showcasing their beautiful work. To a great extent, the blog also focuses on work regarding gender equality as well as diversity and social activism. We then made a master list and went from there. After the list was complete, we started making branded audience-friendly freebies.

If you are struggling with growing your subscriber list, struggle no more, because I am here to help!

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Below, you will find the ultimate list of freebies to offer your subscribers for any and every blogging niche! I plan on updating this post on a regular basis, but please feel free to suggest things in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and love to you all!! Like this post?

Be sure to share this on Pinterest so that you can come back to it and so others have access to it, too! I love that you included opt in ideas for every type of blogger. I have my opt-in form in various places so that readers have an easy and stress-free time locating my opt-in form and signing up. So, make it easy on people and put your sign-up form in multiple places.

Oh, and a popup is always nice, too! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Create a relationship by tweeting back and forth and commenting on their blog. Then once you've established that relationship you can give them a gentle nudge and invite them to your restaurant. Don't straight up ask them to write about your restaurant.

Create an experience for them that will make them want to write about you without having to ask. This really is key. You want their review to be genuine, because their readers will know if there's a motive behind their post. And that brings me to freebies and monetary incentives. The majority of food bloggers don't make money from their food blog, but the influential ones that you want coming to your restaurants probably do. For them, their blog is their life and their livelihood.

But when you offer a blogger money you're kind of playing in a danger zone.

The Ultimate Guide To Food Blogging

These days, bloggers are pretty transparent about how they make their money - they have to be. That means that when you pay them to write about your restaurant, that post will probably have a clear 'Advertorial' disclaimer. Offering a blogger a free meal, drink or experience is a little safer. As long as you're not deliberately asking for the write-up, you're okay, and offering something free could actually be a legit strategy.

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Most bloggers don't write about food in a general way. They're more likely to write about food from a certain angle.

14 Best Design Blogs in - Blog On Your Own

That could be Asian cuisine, health foods, street food or any other niche they focus on. Before reaching out to a blogger, do your homework. Don't reach out to a vegetarian food blogger if you're a BBQ restaurant. But if your bakery makes the best donuts in town, do reach out to a food blogger who mostly writes about sweet delights!

Here are 5 Italian Food Blogs I’m loving right now.

It's a winning situation for both you and the blogger if you get the right match. It's in their interest to write about something that resonates with their audience, and in yours to get your name in front of the right people. If you're new on the block, that might be enough for a blogger to pop their head into your restaurant. They love discovering new places and also being the first to discover them. But if your restaurant has been around for a while, that doesn't mean they'll never visit.